Sally Bee Co. Ltd. is the manufacturer and distributor of leading skin care product under “Starfish Plus” brand which is very popular at present.  


According to slogan “Selecting the best for you” that originates from the determination to make Thai people have beautiful and strong skin without the hazardous substance to damage skin for the natural healthy and juvenile-look. We truly believe that the beauty of woman is the result of care in skin care and nourishing for the healthy skin.                                          


The Company determines to search and develop quality product based on the advance innovation to fulfill the various customer demands. The Company concerns with the entire production process to achieve the standard and highest benefits for the consumers considering the efficiency and quality as a priority under the slogan “Selecting the best for you”. 


Brand Awareness  

It creates a connection between brand and customer.Promoting brand through advertising, signs and marketing can help customers recognise brand. It's important that consistent in the way use brand so that customers easily recognise brand in your advertising, marketing material and benefit of product. Consistent use brand also helps customers remember brand, and can help improve customer loyalty.


Considered a major distribution channel now. By continuing to market through Internet Marketing by a team that specializes in Branding and advertising on Online Marketing and is expanding into other marketing channels. That can truly reach the consumer.


The company has expanded its business into the international market. It is a guideline to enhance the business that the company is operating. And it is the main goal that the company will take the export goods to overseas to create pride in the quality of Thailand products.


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